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Yokohama Japanese Language School is an institution created specifically for the Japanese education in the background of the Benchmark Educational Institute. This institution has been strengthened by its close association with white-collar teachers and educational institutions in Japan.

Who is Japanese for

  • For students who want to pursue higher education in Japan
  • For students wishing to pursue a university education in Japan 
  • For students studying Japanese for Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations
  • For those who are preparing to go for a job in Japan
  • For those who do different types of business with Japan 
    (Import of goods, combat training classes, etc.)
  • For those looking to visit Japan for business

Japanese Language for N5 Examination

  • Course Code :- BMJPN5
  • Duration :- 3 Months
  • On Location :- Benchmark Institute
  • Online :- Yes
  • Qualifications :- No (This is a Beginner Course)
  • Payment Plane :- Monthly Installments

Japanese Language for N4 Examination

  • Course Code :- BMJPN4
  • Duration :- 3 Months
  • On Location :- Benchmark Institute
  • Online :- Yes
  • Qualifications :- N5 Examination
  • Payment Plane :- Monthly Installments

Students Visa

We make your dream of getting an education in Japan come true. While working part time, attends one of the best language schools in Japan and has a good understanding of how to learn profession. Our close relationship with educational institutions in Japan will be of great help to you. We will provide you with all the necessary services in a very reliable and transparent manner.

Working Visa

We also cater to those of you who are looking to go for a job in Japan. Choose the careers that suit you and guide you to work in Japan under proper guidance. We will inform you from the beginning about all the activities required for that and we will provide all the necessary activities for that.

Meet the pilot...

Anuradha Thenabadu

Sensei / Founder of Yokohama School of Japanese Language

Dip. in Japanese language

Yokohama International Education Academy, Japan

International Business Management - NVQ7

Yokohama System Engineering Academy, Japan

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